Stream ICD Softgel

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    STREAM ICD SOFTGEL means, Immune, Cardio , Digestive systems

    1. IMMUNITY - The basic ingredient in this formula is Nigella Sativa, which has been known, used from centuries by traditional ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine doctors , to bring sanity and complete fitness into the entire body. A desease free body can only be achieved by a robust immune system in Loaded with fatty acids , minerals and vitamins, Stream ICD Softgel , is a heavy boost to the bodys defensive mechanism and that reduces your chances of infections.
    2. CARDIO AID - Proper blood circulation it ensures in the Cardiovascular system. A very rich source of Essential Fatty Acids ( EFA) ,Omega 3 , Omega 6 , Omega 9 which are responsible for uplifting good cholesterol levels ( HDL) and decrease bad cholesterol ( LDL) . This activity removes built - up plaques in the arteries , therefore prevents HEART ATTACKS and STROKE . It helps to LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE due to THYMOQUINONE and THYMOL in the oil Also responsible for:
      1. Proper development and functioning of the brain and the nervous system( Memory boost).
      2. Proper thyroid and adrenal activities
      3. Hormone production
      4. Regulation of blood pressure , liver function ,immune and inflammatory responses.
    3. DIGESTIVE - Aiding the food to digest is also a biological process of ensuring nutritional absorption . It helps to relieve abdominal discomfort. Other external benefits of this special ingredient ( Nigella Sativa ) in the formula includes the ability to:
      • Improve hair and scalp - regular use combats dandruff and scalp irritation,
      • Anti- bacteria preventing skin infections like psoriasis and acne growth
      • Loaded with antioxidans , fighting inflammations and serves also as anti-aging
      • ALLEVIATES ASTHMA and effective in other respiratory therapy
      • IT STOPS HEADACHE . Cut 2 capsules and apple the oil on the forehead and feel relieved. DOSAGE. 1/ 2 softgels twice a day or as directed by the physician