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    As the name implies, for a man to conceive a woman , his sperms must be viable , potent and quality enough for the fertilisation of the female ovum ( egg) The scientific research that went into the formulation of this special product focussed largely on all botanical ingredients that have proven results on the MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Paternal Ego when taken, goes a very long way stimulating the pituitary gland to produce all the hormones ( FSH, LH , Testosterone) responsible for the spermatogenesis and the development of the sperms. It propagates the quality of the sperms by normalizing the count , shape, ( Morphology) , movements ( motility) and other parameters.

    NB: Certain factors which interfere with sperm quality include: alcohol, smoking of any kind , illicit drugs, lack of exercise , long term sickness ( kidney failure ) etc

    Paternal Ego is made up of several wonderful ingredients indicated to:

    • Improve the male reproduction system
    • Rapidly increase the sperm count and quality
    • Sextual functionality

    HOW TO TAKE IT: 2 capsules twice daily or per the direction of the physician . NB . If the user of this product has any history of extremely poor fertility health challenges, we recommend you add Extramile.