Optimal Bone

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    OPTIMAL BONE is natural mixture of great number of:

    • Pain alleviating agents (Joints and jeneral body) Lubricating agents (musculoskeletal system).
    • Repairing worn out cartilages agents - rebuilding cartilages and drastically reducing poisoning enzymes that work to degenerate / weeken the cartilages.
    • Enhancement and maintenance of synovial fluid production and thereby stops friction, promoting free movements of the various affected joints.
    • Consumption of OPTIMAL BONE is very sure way to deal with any bone related ( musculoskeletal ) troubles such as,
    1. Osteoarthritis - commonly affects older people because their joints are overused. Joint injuries and overweight are also predispositions.
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disorder which occures gradually or unexpectedly , causing severe pains , stiffness, swelling in multiple joints.
    3. Psoriatic arthritis- it affects the joints and skin.Can be marked by swelling in the fingers and toes. The affected area raises and erupts in patches causing burning and itching.

    For generally healthy body , we highly recommend Optional Bone, since all the natural herbal blend supply essential nutritious benefits for the entire body system, besides the significant targeted areas of benefits ( Bone related) mentioned earlier.

    DOSAGE - 1/2 caps, twice per day or per the directive of the physician.